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Education Directory
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Education Directory Online Version

The Education Directory of Schools and Boards "new and improved" online edition is Canada's only complete and up-to-date directory referred to daily in schools, boards of education, districts and ministry offices across Canada. With over 15,000 school listings, the Education Directory offers such information as mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, principal's names, email and web addresses. Sections include: Ministry Offices; Faculties of Education; District School Boards & School Authorities; Elementary, Secondary, Private and Independent School Listings; Universities and Colleges as well as Useful Contact section related to the education sector. Available in print (Ontario edition only - containing over 6,000 listings) and CD-ROM (Canada-wide edition - containing over 15,000 listings) - as well as this new online version.

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  • District School Boards & School Authorities
  • Elementary, Secondary, Private and Independent School Listings
  • Faculties of Education
  • Ministry Offices
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Useful Contact section related to the education sectors